Sunday, October 01, 2006


So Socktoberfest officially begins today. I have joined a KAL set up by OzKnitter and Socks for Mum called My First Toe-Ups. I am really looking forward to venturing into this area of sock knitting that I have so far avoided like the plague, for no other reason than it is something new. I have decided on my first two toe-up patterns Baudelaire and Love Me Knot. I have yet to decide on yarn but will prob do that later today.

I have goals for Socktoberfest which are:
  • complete said two toe-up patterns
  • start (and maybe complete) KOTR kal oct/nov sock - Travellers Stocking
  • knit sock with cascade fixation from stash

I am aware that I owe you two FO's, I had planned to take some nice photos today but the weather is so so bad that the lighting just won't do them justice. I promise they are worth the wait.

I also have some new arrivals to introduce (we have 3 new hamsters, 2 russian dwarves and 1 syrian) they should be settled in well enough to take photos at the beginning of next week. They are so sweet and are already showing there little personalities.

I am off to finish the Denmark socks (from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush) otn so I can start on Socktoberfest.

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