Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Sky

If you think that this photo is of higher quality than normal then that is because I got boyf to take it as I wasn't feeling up to going outside (read: I was still in my PJs in the afternoon and didn't want to stand in the front garden in them as there was people put there) but as he did such a good job I may have to employ him in future weeks. He doesn't really get why he took the photo he just decided it was easier not to ask.

I will cast on for my last sleeve tonight - had a rest from it yesterday as my wrists were beginning to hurt from knitting with such chunky yarn.

I have almost decided on my yarn and pattern for the ISE 3. I will be using either Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud-Damson or Artesano Alpaca Opulencia Amethyst - this is there handpainted yarn and very nice. I will be using either the Ripple scarf pattern or the Bertie scarf pattern. When the yarn arrives I will swatch and see what works best. Both pattern were designed with this yarn in mind.

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Alice said...

reply to the commment you left on my blog

the figure 8 cast on is a common approach to doing toe-up toes. It is sometimes known as the turkish cast on. you can find it here

Its the first that comes up when you google. Alts to toe-up toes are also in that article (which is a really well explained photo-tute). there is also the "magic cast on" in (i think) the last Spring knitty which a load of people find easier version of the figure 8.