Monday, September 11, 2006

is it too early to think of xmas?

I have decided to to be totally organised this year with xmas presents. Myself and Karl have pretty big familes so it can get very expensive (and with only one income, we often opt out of present giving) but last night I had a (minor) brainwave. Use my stash to knit the females presents and then buy the males presents. The problem I have with Xmas is that I never think about it until the middle of November. There is a really good reason for this - my birthday is at the beginning of November, so as a child Xmas was never thought of until the 'fuss' of my birthday died down. As you can imagine this can cause issues if I'm going to can knit presents. So I made a concious decision last night to organise the presents to be knit. On reflection I could just be trying to avoid the fact that my birthday is soon and trying to pretend that it has been and gone with out trauma. There will be trauma this year - i'm 30.
After contemplating my patterns and stash I decided on socks for everyone (portable, quick and reasonably priced). I am hoping to make small tubular bags with a picot cast off in the left over yarn to put the socks in to give them a professional look. The bag can them be filled with lavender etc and placed in an underwear draw. I also want to design some tags to attach to the bag with washing instruction etc.
I even plan to use a fair amount of my stash up.
Before Xmas I have to knit:
  1. Jaywalkers (x2)
  2. Baby Jaywalkers
  3. Butterfly Bow Anklets
  4. Slouch Socks
  5. Love Me Knot socks
  6. Reverse Psockology
  7. Tropicana
  8. Petticoat socks

and I have yarn in my stash to make 4 of these with yarn that is prefect for the recipients.

I cast on the Butterfly Bow Anklets last night using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Spring Frost and have knit one 24row pattern repeat and am really pleased with them. I will post photos in a couple of days when there is more to see.

My Mum is taking me to The Knitting and Stiching Show at Ally Pally for my birthday. I am really excited about it already esp as we are going to book in to a colourwork workshop. So hopefully I can learn the basics of colourwork. It should be a good day.

I am still plodding on with the Plaid sweater. I still that last sleeve to finish - its really dragging on, esp as the weather has taken an up turn so knitting in a chunky wool blend is not ideal. i WILL get it finsihed by the end of the week.


Nichole R. said...

I'm knitting or crocheting a few Christmas gifts too, and I've already started. I already wish I had started earlier....

Suzie said...

Go girl go! I'm trying to stash away Xmas prezzies too. It;s never too soon!