Thursday, September 14, 2006

My new fave yarn..

... Freedom Spirit by Twilleys of Stamford. It is just adorable. The colours are beautiful and the yarn is so so soft. I purchased six balls in total the other day, 3 of Earth (a khaki green, with brown and orange) and Air (blues and greys). I am going to be using the Air as my Sock Wars arsenal, and the Earth is going to turn into multi-directional scarf, (i will then get another 4 balls to make matching hat and gloves). I received the pattern support book today and have fallen in love with all 14 patterns. The upside is that the yarn is a basic DK weight so will be easy to sub for some of the patterns - if desired. This yarn is reasonably new but I am truely in love. It is reasonably prices to - around £3 per 50g.

I have finally finished Flood, but it is just too hot to wear to take pics at the mo. I promise pics after the holiday. It fits great and so warm and snug. I had 3 balls left over (I purchased more than needed as the yarn is now discontinued) and knit a matching cable hat last night.

My yarn has arrived for my ISE3 scarf and I hope to start and complete it whilst on holiday. We are leaving for Hunstanton on Saturday and will be gone for a week. I am quite excited about it only I have developed a sore throat over the past two days and am praying that is doesn't get worse - esp as my (8 months) pregnant stepsister is coming with us and I don't want to pass anything on to her. We are staying in an old converted lighthouse in Hunstanton.
I think I am most looking forward to going on a seal trip. It should be fantastic and I am hoping to get some great photos. The other day out I am looking forward to is visiting Norfolk Lavender.
This is prob be last post until I get back as I have be pack my bags and get organised tomorrow.
See you all soon.


cfknits said...

OOOh, I juat got hold of the Freedom patterns and I'm desperate to get some of the yarn. I'm even more desperate now I know you love it!!! I thnk I feel a yarn order coming on! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fabulous time. What a great idea to stay in a lighthouse--your mystery pal

Rebecca said...

Too hot to pose for pictures? is snowing where I live! Just checking in. I'm your co-hostess for Tea Swap 2.

Miss Priss Knits said...

How cool is that staying at a lighthouse. The seal trip sounds exciting as well. Can't wait to see pictures. Hope you have a great vacation.