Sunday, July 16, 2006

meet the family

Today incorporated the mammoth task of cleaning out the 'babies' or to the initiated our hamsters. Whilst doing this I thought it was about time you met them. In total there are 6, and they live in 5 separate cages (two live together). All our hamster live in Rotastak cages except Pepper who has a traditional cage.
I suppose it makes sense to start with the oldest, who would be Bubble and Squeak. They are
Dwarf Winter White Russian
hamsters and are about 2.5 years old.

This is Bubbles cage, known as The Pink Palace, and the said hammie exiting her tube system. Do not be deceived by her cuteness she can be a little madame and a little slut - she likes only Karl and bites anyone else.

Squeak however lives in her Super Space Station and loves all. Originally they lived together but Bubble began to hurt Squeak so we removed her and they both happily live alone now.

The next hamster to come and live with us was Pepper (so called after Karl's fave drink 'Dr Pepper). He is a Syrian hamster and the most adorable thing on the planet. He has never bitten and loves everyone.

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