Thursday, July 13, 2006

all html'd out

I have spend a considerable amount of time over the past 48 hours trying to get my head around various html codes so as to customise my blog. With help from Karla and Lissa Explains All it is beginning to make sense and slowly but surely its getting there. I will be adding new links over the next week or so.

On my rounds I discovered a great new swap, favourite colour swap. I signed up immediately as it has three different price catergories so those of us who have less disposable income can still take part without a) skinting ourselves b)feeling bad that our parcels are not as great (in monetary terms) than others.

I have also signed up to project spectrum. So on my travels this month i shall be on the look out for purple randomness. I will maybe attempt to make something edible of the purple colourway. I will soon be casting on the IHS which will be my purple knitting project.

I am looking forward to a future project of a Noni bag and have joined the Noni bag kal in anticipation. I really want to make the huge felted carpet bag but feel this may be slightly adventurous for a first attempt and will probably make a one of the smaller ones from the same pattern. Although I am on stashalong I am allowing myself the free day and it may be taken up already this month, next month i have to go to London so will no doubt be yarn hunting there for the Noni bag. I was getting really excited because Stash Yarns isn't that far away from the hospital and was all set to visit only to find out they are closed that week - how gutting!!!!

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Karla said...

Your blog is looking great! Love all the "links" in your post. :)

Oh and my, you HAVE to go to poor thing....HOW EXCITING! I want to go to London! :)