Monday, July 10, 2006

Maybe it will work this time!

Why is it when you have some cool pics to show the world the technology decides to censor you? I am in love with my (single) Tua Cha (pattern from knitty) and can't wait until the pair are finshed. The second was cast on last night. I am really sorry this has been discontinued as the colours are so lovely and perfectly match my duvet cover).

More pink...trainer socks, just like normal socks but with less rib and only 3 or 4 rounds before heel flap. They are great stash busters as use up less than 50g of yarn and perfect for wearing in summer. These are made with Opal Rainforest in Flamingo.

I manged to do absolutely no knitting today which is unlike me. I will have to make up for it tomorrow. My pedometer arrived yesterday so can take it out with me when i go training tomorrow. How exciting!! (oh dear! I must get a life)

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Karla said...

Is it already MONDAY???? (smiling)