Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nearly an FO

The Booga bag is the washing machine as we type...I was so excited about finshing it that I completely forgot to take pre-felting photos. The dreaded i-cord was so easy, I knitted 6' of it in 50mins whilst watching The Omen (a film I had been meaning to watch for forever). I'm off to cook roast dinner (pork, roast pots, yorkshire pudding, cabbage and gravy)now. I love the cold weather you get to have proper comfort food.
Will post when bag is felted.

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Rosie said...

how can you tear yourself away from the washing machine whilst the felting is going on?!! I sit cross-legged in front of mine peering in intently, trying to work out what is happening among the foam. Mind you, I can see the allure of roast dinner, too (especially now that I live among vegetarians!)