Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kool-Aid Pictures

At last I have the pictures from the Kool-Aid dying. I didn't take any pictures during the dying process as I was too afraid I would end up dying the camara.
The method I used was as follows:
  • Arrange yarn into required size skeins, remembering to tie in aleast four places or the result will be a beautifully coloured tangleed mess!
  • Soak yarn in warm water and vinegar (this helps the dye to bind to the yarn) for 20mins, allow to dry or use when damp.
  • Prepare Kool-Aid ( I used one packet with 200ml of water in a pint size plastic beaker).
  • Dip required section of yarn into dye, squeeze excess back into beaker or into dish but returning to beaker before next dip. Repeat 2 or 3 times.
  • Repeat with different sections of yarn and differetn colours.
  • Place yarn in microwavable dish and 'cook' for 1 to 3 mins depending on microwave and yarn size.
  • Allow to cool
  • Once cool wash in mild detergent ( I used my normal wool handwash stuff) and rinse
  • Allow to dry

Here is the dyed Kool-Aid yarn drying outside in the sun.

Sock yarn dyed with Kool-Aid
Top Left - Jamaica, Grape Illusion & Tropical Punch
Top Right - Strawberry Kiwi & Grape
Bottom Left - Stawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry & Grape
Bottom Right - Jamaica, Tropical Punch & Raspberry Reaction
Aran Weight Yarn (100% wool with polyester twist)
Really sorry but can't remember what i used for these.

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Knitty_Prof said...

These are BEAUTIFUL. I never dyed anything with koolaid before but you make me want to give it a go. Nice job. Can't wait to see what you make from these yarns.