Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kool- Aid Dying Complete

Had an excellent two days with the Kool-Aid. Firstly I used the opal undyed sock yarn and some undyed 4ply, then today I used the aran weight yarn. Am still waiting for the aran weight to finish drying but think I prefer the colours achieved with the 4ply. I also washed out the recycled sari silk yarn so as soon as the needles arrive can start work on that.

I used the dip-dying method for the 4ply yarn, just dipping it into the dye in a plastic cup then putting the yarn in the microwave - this seemed to work really well and some great colours were achieved. I was however only using 25-50g of yarn at a time, as I was wanting to experiment more with colour than aiming to achieve the perfect yarn to knit with, however I now have enough of the same colour combinations to knit a few pairs of trainer sock - perfect for presents in this weather.

The aran yarn was dyed in batches of 100g and I had to adapt the method for this - I put the yarn in a microwave dish added the dye squished and cooked for 2 mins. This appears to have done the job but the colours are not so pleasing - but I will pass final judgment when they are dry and balled. As soon as this is done I will post piccies for all to see.

All in all I am pleased with my attempt and will definitely be making it a regular in my crafting timetable.


Rosie said...

Hi L-J

Where did you get your Kool Aid from? I think my nieces and I could have a fun time with dyeing.

Bagpuss said...

I got the Kool-Aid from They are reasonably priced and postage is really cheap. They do alot of different flavours/colours and occasionally do specials for dying (packs which are out of date and therefore not suitable for drinking). I had great fun and it wasn't as messy as i thought. Will post pics soon.